How Rhino Labour Works


Need a job? Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned associate, Rhino Labour can put you to work! We make sure you have the right equipment, know where to go, and ensure you have the qualifications necessary for the job site.


If you need a jobsite cleaned up, or an inventory count done, we are your next stop! Rhino Labour is your source for support; we qualify our labour force so you get the right person for the job, eliminating costly productivity slowdowns. Our workforce is covered under our WCB insurance, and Rhino takes care of the payroll, leaving you with more time to do the things that need to be done.

Rhino Labour Hiring Policy

Rhino Labour strives to provide the right fit for the job, every time. As such, on occasion, the opportunity arises for our associates to be hired on full time by the client. With the best interests of your company in mind, some of the advantages of having Rhino assist in the evaluation of your potential future hire are:

  • Covering all payroll related expenses including WCB, source deductions, and T4s
  • Hassel free 2-hour guarantee
  • Pre-screening
  • Additional level of security before you commit to potential costly hiring mistakes
  • Additional time to perform adequate background checks
  • 5 million liability insurance

We suggest that you run our associate through Rhino Labour for a minimum of 90 working days. This gives you the opportunity and time to evaluate the associate’s performance, commitment free.
However, if you decide to hire one of our associates within 90 working days, the following placement fee schedule is in place:

  • Within 45 working days $4,000 placement fee
  • Between 46-90 working days $2500 placement fee
  • 90+ working days no charge

Our objective is to provide quality, ongoing, temporary labour.

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